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isoPyramids Stones For Marble & Granite is an Egyptian Marble & Granite manufacturer with around 14 years  of experience in the Marble & Granite sector.

The Experience grown and the investments of our company in Marble work Machinery have led us to be competitive and allow us to satisfy the most demanding and peculiar requirements

We have our own quarry of the most popular Egyptian marble such as Sunny , Selvia , Golden Cream , Galalad , Fletto , pharaohs pink , Sinai pearl, Samaha ..etc. And also the most popular Egyptian Granite such as Giandona ,Red aswan, black Aswan, Rose Elhodi, Rose Elmarwa , Rose Elshayeb , white hallyebetc.

We have p modern Italian machines for sawing the blocks, polishing and processing of slabs, production lines for flooring and wall cladding tiles and also Cut to size dimensions (we have one factory for tiles and one factory for slabs). Also we can do several finishes such as polished, honed , brushed, tumbled , bush hammered , sand plastid, flamed and others finishes according to the customer request.


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